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Jorge Fama

Photographer. Advisor. Producer. Director.

Jorge Fama


From 1970 he held numerous exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers in the country and abroad (Tokyo, Paris, Rome, New York, among others). His last show, "Intemporalidades", was held in December / January 2002/2003, sponsored by American Express in the room that this company sponsors in the Recoleta Cultural Center, where more than 15,000 people attended.

Some of the artists who passed through his camera: Paloma Herrera, Maya Plisetskaia, Eva Evdokimova, Jorge Donn, Eva Marton, Pablo Milanes, Ornella Vanoni, Maria Rosa Gallo, Alfredo Alcon, Ernesto Bianco, Jacqueline Bisset, Hernán Piquín, Osvaldo Bonnet, Rudolf Nureyev, Susana Rinaldi, among others.

*“Encuentro” Paloma Herrera│Jorge Fama (Argentine);
*World Ballet (England);
*Four centuries of ballet (Argentine);
*Thesmar –Dennard (France);
*Jorge Donn (Argentine);
*The Teatro Colón history (1908-1968);
*General San Martin Theatre Editions: Hamlet, El reñidero, among others.

Printed works:
Calendars, posters and postcards in his country and abroad. His latest calendar for the Renault company was declared calendar year.

He made ​​photographs for the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, the Teatro General San Martin in Buenos Aires, Opera House of New York, Paris Opera, and in major performing arts centers in Europe, America and Japan. At their study national and international figures from different disciplines were photographed .
His photos appear in various publications of the country and abroad.


*of Sergio Renan when he directed the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires;
*of Dr. Martin Pourrain in his tenure as Chief Administrative Officer of the Teatro Colón;
*of Mrs. Teresa Anchorena during his tenure as Secretary of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires;
*of the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) for specific events;
*of American Express for the realization of their photographic competitions and events;
*of VEAR productions, where he managed the launch artistic of Maximiliano Guerra, and coordinated the careers of other artists such as Cecilia Kerche, Yuri Klevzov, Igor Zelensky, among others;
*of advertising agencies;
*of different businessmen linked to the show;
*of Teatro Colon Foundation, where he helped to make possible the presentation of Mikhail Baryshnikov, Fernando Bujones and Alexander Godunov.


*“Paloma Herrera, Here and Now”, General producer, and director of the documentary with Julio Panno.
*“Espartaco”, as artistic advisor.

Shows and Tours:
*“Espartaco” (coproduction with Rusia), it was performed in Spain, Portugal, Russia and Argentine;
*“Le Corsaire” (Kirov theatre version), it was performed at Colon Theatre of Buenos Aires;
*“Sleeping Beauty” (Coven Garden production), it was performed at Colon Theatre of Buenos Aires;
*“La Fille Mal Gardée” (Coven Garden production), it was performed at Colon Theatre of Buenos Aires; among other cities.
*In association with the British Counsil he was responsible for the first performances of the English National Baller in Argentine;
*He was responsible for the last Europe tour of the Colon Theatre Ballet.
He made various productions for television, some of them outdoors, in his tenure as advisor in the National Media where he was responsible for the televising of Athletes Artistic Norwegians, among others.


XII Festival Varna (Bulgaria), 1st prize photo
The best poster of the year for "The house of Bernarda Alba"
Festival of Joinville (1992 /1993, Brasil), Special mention;
Festival Bento Gonçalves (1993, Brasil), Professional Merit Award.

Walter Uranga

Radio speaker. Singer

Walter Uranga


He studied in the ISER, worked as:
*Welcome and content voice of several telephone services of news and entertaiment.
*In advertising, he made ​​recordings for various media, outlining on institutional recordings, dubbing, advertising and artistic recordings.
*He was master of ceremonies at various talks, lectures and events. The National University of Quilmes (Unqui) counts him as announcer stable.
*On radio worked in conducting various segments: informative (speaker-editor), opinion, entertainment. Last season he was part of the Staff of "FM Sur" 88.9MHz, conducting the programs "Ir a más" and "Por la tarde".

*He is a member of GCC (Group of Choral Sing) led by Nestor Andrenacci; this choir was awarded with the Konex award to the musical excellence; with this group participated in various national and international tours.
* He was part, as reinforcement, of the Choir of the Teatro Colón for the production of Lohengrin by Richard Wagner; place that won by open competition, obtaining one of the highest scores.
* As a solo, he acts in event animations and musical performances based in tangos and jazz and swing standards, currently he has a show called "Tango and Swing" which covers a wide spectrum of these styles.
* As an actor-singer, was part of several musical plays.

Rosa Azparren

Artista Plástica. Diseñadora Gráfica.

Rosa Azparren

Escuela Municipal de Artes Plásticas Alfredo F. Sturla
Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón
Diseño Industrial en el CAYC, Arq. Blanco
Diseño Gráfico. Escuela Superior Mariano Moreno
Publicidad, Centro de Estudios Buenos Aires
El Bauhaus. Documenta y Arte contemporáneo, Instituto Goethe
La expresión Israelí de Arte en la década del 70, por Jorge Glusberg
Arte Digital, Espacio Telefónica
Arte Contemporáneo con Lic. Valeria González. Centro Cultural Recoleta
Arte Contemporáneo con Lic. Lucia Aguilar. Galería "La Paz" Recoleta


*Revista L'Officiel (moda)
*Revista Ballet (danza clásica y contemporánea)
*Coordinación general y diagramación del libro "20 años de la DAEFA"
*Creativa de varias agencias de publicidad desarrollando diferentes productos

Teatro San Martín:
*Formando parte del plantel que creó el departamento de arte, donde surgió la visualización y difusión del mismo
*Revista teatro, obtuvo 3 premios: Konex, Salimos y Audiencia
*Visualización del may Central

Teatro Colón:

*Afiche para vía pública Ballet y Mahagonny
*Pauta para los programas
*Avisos para los distintos medios gráficos
*Avisos de danzas, conciertos, ópera, coral, lírica. Todos estos avisos con una imagen propia desarrollada en equipo. Con el artista plástico Edgardo Giménez

Organización Teatral Presidente Alvear:

*Asistente de diseño de Imagen de la Dirección General y Artística
*Afiche para vía pública
*Puertas del teatro

Muestra fotográfica Intemporalidades de Jorge Fama:
*Diseño Integral para muestra fotográfica realizada en Centro Cultural Recoleta
*Catálogo de la muestra
*Afiches interiores
*Aviso para diarios

Exposiciones individuales y colectivas:
*Salón A.P.S. 1° Premio de Pintura
*Salón Reapretara de SAAP. 2° Premio de Pintura
*Salón Primavera, 2° Premio de Pintura
*Libro 85 anos en el Arte SAAP
*Facultad de Derecho, Premio Leopoldo Presas
*Hotel Hilton


To mark the launch of the book "Encuentro│Paloma Herrera - Jorge Fama", held at the "Book Fair", Cuspide bookstore has decorated its windows with giant photographs of the book, and has exhibited in their windows large number of them.

Cuspide 1
Cuspide 2
Cuspide 3








Publicaciones a


A retrospective of Jorge Fama is in the pipeline to be done very soon.

2 new documentaries, linked to the art of dance, are in pre-production stage.

A new photo book is being designed today. This book will be based on the large archive of Jorge Fame. The book will have the most resonant photographs of the Jorge's profile in Facebook.

PALOMA HERRERA, here and now

Documentary about the prima ballerina of the American Ballet Theatre

Institutional promotion - Renault Argentina

Jorge Fama and his divos


Opening of the exhibition "Intemporalidades" which took place at the Centro Cultural Recoleta

Jorge Fama's interview


In the windows of the American Express building, located in Arenales and Maipu streets, could be seen, for several months in 2006, part of the exhibition "Intemporalidades" of Jorge Fama. People could see 14 photographs of 1.80 mts x 0.80 mts, in color and black and white.

Actividades 1
Actividades 2
Actividades 3

Tienda On-Line

Comentarios sobre la tienda en linea

"Encuentro" Paloma Herrera│Jorge Fama

Paloma Herrera

"Encounter" Paloma Herrera│Jorge Fama

"Encounter" ("Encuentro") is a book of photographs, filed on April 22nd, 2007, in the lounge J. L. Borges of the 33rd International Book Fair of Buenos Aires, with great impact on the public and the press, becoming one of the most successful events of that fair. This presentation was attended by the prima ballerina of the American Ballet Theatre, Paloma Herrera, who traveled especially from New York, and the renowned photographer Jorge Fama.

This book is the result of the desire of the players to unite their talents. Within it, you can see a different side of the dancer, who wears creations by designer Jorge Ibañez. Paloma shines from another angle than usual, and this is possible thanks to the new photographic technology and the creative eye of Fama.

The renowned writer Daniel Larriqueta says in the preface of the book:

"This book started with a vision and new instruments. The deepest secret is the inversion of movements. The artist of movement is still, the artist of immobility is continually moving around her to photograph different angles of the same shot. The ballerina is still, the photographer moves around her. This new concept is made possible by new techniques.

Two different forms of expression have brought together Herrera and Fama. This book is the result of the amazing symbiosis that they have achieved and that has bloomed naturally.

Daniel Larreta"

Tapa Libro
Buy book




Brasil 309 | Buenos Aires (C1154AAC) | Argentina
Tel. (+54-11) 4361-9920

Paloma Herrera Paloma Herrera Paloma Herrera

Argentine Edition

Japanese Edition

USA-Canada Edition

"Paloma Herrera, here and now" is a documentary film that shows different aspects of personal and artistic career of the dancer. The purpose of the film is to spread the persevering, disciplined and successful work of Paloma, her rehearsals in New York and Buenos Aires, the testimony of her teachers, and finally, to show her dancing as only she knows how, in the most prestigious stage that our country has: the Teatro Colon.
The renowned photographer argentine Jorge Fame produced this film, where his delicate sense of aesthetics is evident at every turn, in every scene, in all that he wants to show.
Simple, deep, concrete, "Paloma Herrera, here and now", proposes a different view of the artist we all know.

The argentine newspaper La Nacion said: "'Paloma Herrera, here and now' is presented to all as the revelation of a world in motion ..."

The argentine newspaper Ámbito Financiero said: "It is not an exclusive documentary for ballet lovers and worshipers but for everyone. Because the example of Paloma Herrera on her own, and the pleasure it causes, are for everyone."

Libro a

Libro b

Libro c

Libro d

Libro e

Libro f

In the lounge J. L. Borges of the 33rd International Book Fair of Buenos Aires, was presented with great impact of public and press, the book "Encuentro │ Paloma Herrera Jorge Fame" (Encounter │ Paloma Herrera Jorge Fame), becoming one of the most successful events of that fair. This presentation was attended by the prima ballerina of the American Ballet Theatre, Paloma Herrera, who traveled especially from New York and the renowned photographer Jorge Fama. Also counted with the talk of the writer and historian Daniel Larriqueta.

Presentacion 1

Presentacion 2

Presentacion 3

Presentacion 4

Presentacion 5


PALOMA HERRERA, aquí y ahora (Película documental)
PALOMA HERRERA, here and now (Documentary film)

Tapa Libro

(Libro fotográfico)
(Photographic book)

Combo Libro-DVD

Combo: Libro "Encuentro" + DVD "PALOMA HERRERA, aquí y ahora"
Combo: Book "Encuentro" + DVD PALOMA HERRERA, here and now"



You can order signed pictures

Tel. (+54-11) 4361-9920

Publicaciones libros y revistas

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